The King of the Jurassic

A life-sized model of Liopleurodon, the king of the Jurassic sea, together with a pair of ichthyosaurs illustrating ‘underwater flight’ and the ‘return to the ocean’.

Myths and Legends

A life-sized model of the plesiosaur Cryptoclidus in a Lochness-monster style pose, with in-depth information on myths, legends and cryptozoology.

Living Fossils

Cases with life models of Latimera, Limulus and Nautilus, true ‘living fossils’ of today.

The Dominator of the Cretaceous

Life-sized model of the head of Tylosaurus, the dominator of the Cretaceous sea, and a lightbox with a large-format illustration of a life scene.

Selfie Shark

Point for visitors to take souvenir photographs with a cast of the enormous jaws of the Megalodont Carcharocles megalodon, representative of the seas of the Cenozoic.

The Development of Jaws

Display with casts of fossils, including of the skull of Dunkleosteus, the gigantic fish of the Devonian.

Fossils from the Seas of Italy

A large-format map highlighting the main fossils uncovered in Italy.

Shells and Tentacles

Display with models of molluscs and cephalopods with unusual shapes and surprising dimensions, such as the colossal Cameroceras.

PaleoAquarium Display

A virtual aquarium giving life to Cryptoclidus and Caturus .

The Great Parade

Spectacular installation with over 20 protagonists of the seas of the past, all illustrated life size by Davide Bonadonna.